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Analysis of the condition of roads in Kazakhstan
Roads of Kazakhstan need improvement and bold expansion. The need of the economy for the development of the international automobile transport system dictates the need for both preserving the quality of roads and upgrading them to international standards. The poor condition of the road surface leads to a decrease in operating speeds, an increase in operational transport costs, and an increase in accident rate.
Overview of the transportation of Kazakhstan
The economic outlook for Kazakhstan's road transport will remain moderate due to the expected moderate growth in investment in infrastructure and industrial production in Kazakhstan, as well as a slowdown in world trade in 2017-2018. The main contribution to the growth in traffic volumes can be provided by transit traffic. Nevertheless, the transport sector will remain one of the most important sectors of development, diversifying export routes and realizing the country's transit potential.
Statistics of imports and exports in Kazakhstan for 2019
Import and export in Kazakhstan increased significantly over the past year, which favorably affected the economy of Kazakhstan. We well know that the main resource of Kazakhstan’s profit is wealth of mineral resources. And the neighboring countries are doing an excellent job of supplying us with all the necessary means of a comfortable life.
How to avoid costs?
For small and medium-sized businesses, warehouses, manufacturers, distributors and importers, cost control for freight transportation can be important to maintain profitability of product lines or even the success of the business itself. The following are some important steps to avoid additional unexpected costs for shipping.
Delivery by car or rail: pros and cons
Road and rail are two modes of transport used to move goods overland and across continents. So, what are the main differences between them, we will consider today.
Why do you need warehousing and distribution services for your company?
Warehousing has been around for a long time, and it has enriched organizations with several storage needs. These solutions have helped extend the shelf life of products and allow companies to enter geographically wider markets. Find out why and how to use the services by reading the article.
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