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Rolling stock repair
Published: 11.01.2021
Depot and overhaul repairs of cars with extension of service life, as well as re-equipment of cars.
  • depot and overhaul of covered wagons, gondola cars, tank carriages for the transportation of petroleum products, hopper cars for the transport of grain, cement, mineral fertilizers, universal platforms, railway equipment
  • overhaul with extended service life:

    • universal platforms of model 13 - 401 with conversion for container ships
    • platform models 13 - 470
    • universal covered wagons of models 11 - 066 - 08, 11 - K001, 11 - 217
    • wagons - hoppers of model 11 - 739, hopper - dispensers of models 20x15, 20x351
    • universal platforms with re-equipment (modernization) for the transportation of heavy containers
  • re-equipment of freight cars of refrigerating sections of the Central Bank - 5 in covered wagons of type 5918 (ИВ - thermos) during this rolling stock depot and overhaul
  • re-equipment of a universal platform in two-level for transportation of wheelsets
  • factory (formation) and district repair, full revision with turning of the rim of solid-rolled wheelsets
  • current uncoupling repair of the rolling stock - owners of rolling stock plying the railways of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation, CIS countries
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