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We are ready to offer our partners a range of logistics services that go beyond simple cargo delivery. It includes delivery, targeted storage, order management and tracking of goods throughout the country.

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Rail transportation
We operate more than 2,000 wagons per month in the CIS and Central Asia. For the transportation of your goods, we will provide the following types of wagons: IV-thermos, Universal covered wagon, Tank, Platform, Hopper-grain carrier.

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Road transport
We transport cargo from China and the CIS countries.
We deliver groupage cargo between the cities of Kazakhstan and Russia. Intra-city transportation by low-tonnage transport, courier service.

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Multimodal transportation
Multimodal transportation is an effective combination of the possibilities of sea, rail, and road transport.

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Rolling stock repair
Depot and overhaul repairs of cars with extension of service life, as well as re-equipment of cars.

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Customs clearance and cargo insurance
We will provide a full range of customs clearance services in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
We work with different insurance companies and offer favorable rates of insurance rates.

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Склад класса «А» от ULEX – это комбинированная конструкция стеллажного и мелкоячеистого хранения для обеспечения комплексной и быстрой обработки товаров.

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