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We accept cargo in accordance with the Standard Requirements for Shipping Containers, which you can find on our website. Of course, you can hand over the cargo without packaging, but you must understand that this greatly increases the likelihood of damage.

Groupage cargo is accepted for transportation, the parameters of each individual piece of which do not exceed the following values: weight - no more than 3000 kg, taking into account the shipping container, height - no more than 235 cm (for auto directions) and 190 cm (for railway directions), width - no more than 270 cm, length - no more than 1200 cm.

Explosive, radioactive, chemically active, poisonous, flammable, toxic, spontaneously combustible gases, liquids and solids are not accepted for transportation; weapons; compressed and liquefied gases; substances that emit flammable gases when interacting with water; liquids, gases in leaky containers; substances that are hazardous according to GOST 19433-88; products in relation to which there is a risk of accidental death.

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