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Road transport
Published: 11.01.2021
We transport cargo from China and the CIS countries.
We deliver groupage cargo between the cities of Kazakhstan and Russia. Intra-city transportation by low-tonnage transport, courier service.

Our company provides the following services:

  • selection of a suitable type of vehicle, taking into account all the characteristics of the cargo
  • development of an optimal route
  • calculation of the cost of delivery
  • high-quality and reliable handling
  • cargo safety along the line
  • continuous monitoring of cargo location
  • cargo insurance
  • advising on customs clearance of export-import operations

The company delivers groupage cargo throughout Kazakhstan, as well as Russia and other countries.

Small consignments of goods and luggage belonging to different senders are received, processed and consolidated in the warehouses of our company, and then shipped by trucks to specified destinations. Groupage transportation allows customers to significantly reduce transportation costs. Groupage cargo transportation is carried out according to the established schedule and is accompanied by dispatch monitoring.

Delivery of cargoes with our company is:

  • individual approach to each client
  • high quality service
  • operational processing of applications on the day they are received
  • cargo escort at all stages of transportation
  • cargo safety guarantee
  • timely delivery
  • the ability to control your cargo on the company website
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