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How to choose a customs lawyer?
Clearance and registration of goods at border crossings is a very responsible job, which requires the involvement of a specialist, for example, as a customs lawyer. Find out in the article what you need to pay attention to. In order for your product to cross the border in the shortest possible time and without additional worries, you need to carefully approach the choice of a customs lawyer or company that provides such services.
Cargo drones: future delivery?
Chasing modern technology, several more startups and leaders' thoughts will take steps to develop the necessary drones for delivering goods over long distances. Is this true where the launch of drones used to deliver goods?
What to do if the cargo is damaged?
There are times when some damage to the cargo may occur during transport. Upon receipt of the goods, you found that the goods are damaged. In this article, we will consider the actions that can be taken.
What is an importer security file (ISF)?
Before goods arriving on board a ship can be imported, the “Importer of Security Documents (ISF)” or their agent (for example, a licensed customs broker) must electronically submit some preliminary cargo information to the Customs and Border Control Service in the form registration paper of the importer. This requirement applies only to cargo arriving by ship; it does not apply to goods arriving by other means of transport or to bulk cargo.
A prolonged burst of coronavirus had a major impact on transport.
The latest news about coronavirus has had a major impact on transportation and life in general. At present, the coronavirus has not spared anyone, one of the first in the line of trade. Since China is an integral part of the global supply chain, and a reduction in their production capacities can lead to production disruption in many countries, including Kazakhstan. What can be done by carriers and customers during this period, read the article.
Which zodiac sign makes the most purchases? Delivery horoscope.
Whether you are a proponent of astrology or not, we all become curious when we see someone holding a horoscope with predictions for the day. You wonder what your typical delivery order will be, or what will you buy online based on your mark? Read on to find out.
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