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International delivery terms: decryption.
Anyone who has experience in international shipping is probably already familiar with the various terms of transport. But what are the updated incoterms by 2020? What are they used for? We have prepared this article with up-to-date information on new terms for 2020, as well as a convenient introductory guide for those who are not yet familiar with this concept.
The main differences and advantages of unimodal, multimodal and intermodal transport
When organizing the shipment of goods, you can choose one of several available routes and modes of transport. The best service can be judged according to total costs, duration of transportation, logistic efforts or environmental impact. In addition, you can use one mode of transport or combine different modes of transport for the same route, which can be especially useful for transportation over long distances. What are the main differences and advantages of choosing unimodal, multimodal or intermodal transportation of goods?
Can I send money via courier?
Previously, when there were no credit cards and paid exclusively in cash, parents sent their children money exclusively through courier services, by mail. And now, in the age of advanced technologies, there is no need to send money by delivery, however, people still need to send money for anything exclusively by the delivery service. Read on to see if this is possible.
Looking for a courier service? Why UNIVERSAL LOGISTICS
If you are looking for a reliable courier service, first of all you need to determine the professional delivery process. Safe delivery is the main factor. Only professional transport companies can fully satisfy your requirements. Evaluate the quality of service, security, payment system. Customer satisfaction is the success of any company. Read why UNIVERSAL LOGISTICS is able to meet your expectations for the delivery, transportation of goods.
Will human technology replace transportation in the near future?
Technology is a very important element for all supply chains. Technology helps increase efficiency, quality of service and streamline the process. Many shippers rely on planning, storage and warehouse software, fleet management and transportation management software to keep up with day-to-day operations and get analytics to make important decisions for their business. Is it possible to do without human labor will be discussed in the article.
3 logistic trends important in 2020
Given the current global consumer climate, in which customers expect more than ever before, supply chains are under tremendous pressure to deliver exceptional services on a tight schedule and at lower cost. Therefore, it is not surprising that logistics management solutions, accompanied by next-generation delivery methods, adapted and developed their key approaches in the interests of more reasonable, faster, more sustainable and customer-oriented international supply chains.
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