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Logistics and transport competitiveness in Kazakhstan.
Published: 23.05.2020
Kazakhstan is the center connecting Europe and Asia, which is an excellent resource for the development of the country's economy. In this article, we examined the prospects for the development of transport and logistics in Kazakhstan along with the regulatory framework in the field of transport in the country.

The transport sector of Kazakhstan includes rail, road, inland water, aviation and pipeline transport. Roads, railways and navigable waterways play an important role in the implementation of intergovernmental and interstate relations. According to estimates, investment in fixed assets of transport and storage amounted to 1.2% of GDP in 2017. Transport plays an important role in the implementation of interstate relations, especially in the Central Asian region. This is due to: geographical proximity and historically established trade relations; comparable level of cultural development; the similarity of the peoples of these states; use of the Russian language as generally accepted.

Road transport is the largest freight transport sector thanks to an extensive road network. The Government of Kazakhstan attaches great importance to the development of this type of transport and the development of roads that provide communication between all its regions, as well as neighboring countries. According to government forecasts, by 2021 it is planned to build and reconstruct 5,703 km of republican roads and 1,124 km of regional and district roads, as well as increase the share of highways of the I and II technical categories of the total length to 48%. highways of republican significance. This is expected to have a significant impact on the quality and competitiveness of the road sector. The thriving road transport market was created thanks to the presence of a large number of transport companies and individual entrepreneurs.

Rail transport is also of great importance both for domestic transport and for export / import and transit freight. In Kazakhstan, as in the countries of the region, rail transport has a monopoly position in the transportation of certain goods.

Significant investments are needed, which continue to improve the competitiveness of rail transport and increase the efficiency of domestic routes. To this end, significant attention is paid to the construction of railways connecting the center with strategically important regions of the country and international railway lines. By 2021, it is planned to build 1,302 km of railway sections, electrify 522 km of railway lines and upgrade 6,925 km of the track’s upper structure, which will further increase the importance of Kazakhstan’s railways in the region, Kazlogistics reports.

So, according to forecasts, the government pays great attention to the logistics industry, which will lead to favorable changes in the country, especially for carriers, so we will wait.