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10 interesting facts about shipping.
Published: 22.05.2020
The shipping industry predominantly rules the global economy, although most people know very little about it. From computers to the cars you drive every day, almost everything you touch is made possible by delivery. We decided to collect ten interesting facts about the shipping industry.

For a comfortable life, delivery is indispensable. Initially, as trade began to develop, the concept of shipping appeared. Today we will tell you about interesting facts of the shipping industry:

  1. A container ship travels three quarters of the way to the moon and back for one year during its regular journey across the oceans.
  2. The largest ships can cost more than $ 200 million.
  3. According to statistics, 10,000 transport containers are lost annually at sea. This is almost one container every hour! Lost containers are often damaged by the waves and drown quickly, but some of them may come up after a while.
  4. If you build containers on only one ship, they would easily stretch almost halfway around the planet. If you stack them and they reach almost 7,500 Eiffel towers, and if you unload their loads on trucks, the movement will stretch for 60 miles.
  5. In 2011, 360 trading ports in the United States received goods from abroad in the amount of 1.73 trillion. The United States relies on shipping to provide two-thirds of its oil supply.
  6. If all the containers in the world were lined up with one delivery, then this would be enough halfway around the planet.
  7. Containers have been used as shelters in the aftermath of natural disasters, such as Christchurch, New Zealand earthquakes.
  8. The largest shipments can store 745 million bananas in nearly 15,000 containers. This is about one for every person in Europe and North America.
  9. Approximately 97% of all shipping containers are produced in China.
  10. Currently, about 1.5 million sailors work in the world, with the majority from the Philippines.

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