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Interesting facts about Asia.
Published: 23.05.2020
Asia is a continent of uniqueness and charm caused by its culture, economy, population, landscapes, plants and animals. Most importantly, Asia is a leader in trade and transport development, starting from the Silk Road. In this article we have collected the most interesting facts about Asia.

Asia has always been a continent close to the hearts of Tudor. Worldwide, Asia is seen as the main source of trade and the supply chain. Today we would like to tell interesting facts about Asia, which will reveal it on the other hand, too:

  1. The most widely spoken language in the world is not English, but Chinese, which is spoken by more than a billion people.
  2. Everyone in Vietnam has the same birthday, which is celebrated in the Vietnamese New Year (aka Tet). The first day of the lunar calendar marks the beginning of a new year, and as a result, the Vietnamese, along with the Koreans, calculate the age based on the number of lunar years passed.
  3. As in many other countries, North Korea has a Christmas holiday, but not to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ. Instead, Koreans celebrate Kim Jong Il’s mother’s birthday on December 24th.
  4. The Arabian Desert, found in Saudi Arabia, is the world's largest continuous sandy desert.
  5. The second oldest people in the world are Japanese. They have an average age of 44.6 years, he is second only to the people of Monaco.
  6. As of 2012, there were more millionaires (460,700 people) in Tokyo, Japan than in New York (389,100 people).
  7. The national game of Afghanistan is not football, basketball, tennis; this is a goat capture.
  8. Only two places on the planet are home to wild orangutans - the island of Borneo (divided by Indonesia and Malaysia) and Sumatra (Indonesia).
  9. In 2013, the most popular city in the world was not New York, London or Paris; it was Bangkok, Thailand, which recorded the largest number of international arrivals.
  10. Turkey is home to the tallest man in the world (8 ft 3 in). The tallest woman in the world (7 ft. 8 in.) Is from China.