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Customs clearance and cargo insurance
Published: 11.01.2021
We will provide a full range of customs clearance services in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
We work with different insurance companies and offer favorable rates of insurance rates.

Providing a full range of customs clearance services in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The list of services:

  • Opening a card of a foreign economic activity participant
  • The correct assignment of the TNVED code
  • Preparation of a full package of documents for customs clearance
  • Making a declaration of any complexity
  • Obtaining permits from the SES
  • Assistance in obtaining permission from the KNB
  • Registration of certificates of conformity, declaration of conformity
  • Calculation of customs payments
  • Passing the quarantine and radiology control
  • Registration of phytosanitary act
  • Assistance in obtaining veterinary and phytosanitary certificates
  • Delivery of cargo from the temporary storage warehouse to the warehouse of the recipient

The main list of documents required for customs clearance:

  • Packing lists (original)
  • Invoice (original)
  • Certificates of origin/quality/analysis/phytosanitary/quarantine
  • Contract (original)
  • Transaction passport, EEC number
  • FEA card
  • Depending on the nature of the cargo, additional permits may be required: import licenses, permission of the National Security Committee, conclusion of the PSD

Cargo insurance

Transport insurance allows you to protect the financial interests of the client in the event of theft, loss or damage of cargo during loading, transit storage or directly during transportation. The insurance service compensates for losses incurred by the owner of the cargo as a result of an accident, as well as accidental or intentional actions of third parties.
The advantages of cargo transportation insurance with us are:
  • favorable rates of insurance rates
  • insurance of all possible types of cargo transportation
  • simple insurance conditions adapted to the working conditions of our company and convenient for clients
  • the fastest possible registration
  • complete confidentiality

Cargo insurance is your peace of mind!
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