Длительный взрыв коронавируса сильно повлиял на перевозки.

Последние новости о коронавирусе сильно повлияли на перевозки и жизнь в целом. Настоящий момент коронавирус не обошел никого стороной, одна из первых на очереди торговля. Так как Китай является неотъемлемой частью глобальной цепочки поставок, и сокращение их производственных мощностей может привести к срыву производства во многих странах, куда входит и Казахстан. Что можно предпринять перевозчикам и заказчикам в этот период читайте в статье.

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Rail transportation

Rail freight remains strong demand, regardless of the global economic situation. Stable and dynamic characteristics of the segment are high load capacity, speed and maximum cargo safety.

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How does medical delivery work?

As in any other industry, healthcare and pharmaceutical institutions need fast and reliable transportation solutions. For the healthcare industry, compliance and speed of delivery are critical factors. Whether it is prescription drug delivery or urgent hospital delivery, time and organization matter. Any violation or delay can lead to serious consequences, so companies are under pressure from an accurate and well-planned organization of the delivery of medical goods.

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Which zodiac sign makes the most purchases? Delivery horoscope.

Whether you are a proponent of astrology or not, we all become curious when we see someone holding a horoscope with predictions for the day. You wonder what your typical delivery order will be, or what will you buy online based on your mark? Read on to find out.

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Unsuccessful delivery attempt - how does this happen and what to do?

A failed delivery attempt means that the driver / courier tried to deliver the package to the client, but the delivery failed. What to do in this case, we will consider in today's article.

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Types of vans and what they are used for.

Choosing the right delivery mode and type of trailer can be difficult even for experienced shippers. In this article, we will look at how to choose a van suitable for you and consider their types.

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