Unsuccessful delivery attempt - how does this happen and what to do?

Unsuccessful delivery attempt - how does this happen and what to do?

A failed delivery attempt means that the driver / courier tried to deliver the package to the client, but the delivery failed. What to do in this case, we will consider in today's article.

There are times when delivery arrived and you weren’t at home, or you ordered goods and the goods did not arrive in the estimated delivery time.

In most cases, you will find a note left by the driver with a notification of a delivery failure. A delivery attempt will also be displayed in the online tracking system of your logistics provider. There are three common causes of a failed delivery attempt.

The most common reasons for a failed delivery attempt:

The recipient was absent, that is, there was no one at the address to receive the parcel.

Delivery address was incorrect / incomplete. This not only means that you entered the wrong address, but it is also possible that the instructions were unclear or that some details were missing.

The courier was unable to access the delivery location. In your area, place of residence requires a special pass or lack of a map.

A failed delivery attempt due to the absence of the recipient at the delivery location.

In the case of a missed delivery, the courier will leave a message stating that the driver will try to deliver your package on the next business day (keep in mind, however, that in some cases there can be only one delivery attempt - it depends on the country and courier company whose services you use) or that he left the parcel elsewhere. This location can be a neighbor, your preferred secure location (if you indicated it at checkout), a shipping processing point or a service provider's repository.

Depending on your address, the courier service provider will leave your parcel either at the point of departure processing or at the point of departure. The depot will be one of the corresponding places of the courier company (they are mainly present in large cities).

The courier usually indicates for you the address of the dispatch / depot processing point where he will leave your parcel, but if this is not the case, just go to your courier company’s website to find the nearest departure point.

Your parcel, as a rule, remains at the depot or at the point of processing of the items for five business days. After this period, the package will be returned to the sender. As soon as the courier company returns the parcel, it will be considered delivered.

How to avoid missed delivery due to lack of recipient?

Here are some tips for you that are based on our own best practices in this area. As a rule, for orders made through our platform, the driver will try to deliver your package from 9:00 to 18:00. It can be difficult to stay home all day, especially on weekdays. If you cannot attend all the time, try to find out if anyone else can be at the delivery address to receive the package on your behalf.

If this is really not possible, you can leave a note for the driver on the door. You can write a message asking the courier, if possible, to leave the parcel in the backyard or hand it over to a neighbor. It is not guaranteed that the driver will follow these instructions, but it is worth a try.

Courier companies are working hard to improve their services. Some logistics service providers have already implemented a system that sends a text to the customer with the name of the driver and the planned delivery time, like ours, for example.

This may also depend on the delivery address. In hard-to-reach places, courier companies may only attempt delivery once.

Other reasons for the unsuccessful delivery attempt: “problem with the address” or “no access to the delivery location”

If you receive one of these notifications, this means that in the first case, the delivery address that you indicated to the courier was incorrect or incomplete; in the second case, this means that the courier was unable to access the premises.

In any of these cases, we advise you to contact your logistics provider directly and find out which address details are missing or why the courier cannot access the delivery address.

If you placed your order on the UNIVERSAL LOGISTICS platform and you have any of these problems, please contact our logistics specialists. We will be happy to help you!

How to avoid missed delivery due to an incomplete or incorrect address?

Before placing an order, always be sure to include your full address with all the necessary details. For example, in Germany, the customer’s name must match the name on the doorbell in order for the courier driver to deliver. If you send the goods not to a private address, but to a company or hotel, be sure to include this information in the address. For example, if the delivery address is a hotel, write the word “reception” in the “name” field and indicate that it is a hotel. The same goes for the company. It’s common practice to provide a company name for any type of mail sent to its address.

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