Types of vans and what they are used for.

Types of vans and what they are used for.

Choosing the right delivery mode and type of trailer can be difficult even for experienced shippers. In this article, we will look at how to choose a van suitable for you and consider their types.

What types of freight trailers are there?

Dry Van Trailers (Dry Van Trailer).
Closed box trailers are closed body trailers without temperature control. The largest amount of cargo in the world is transported by dry vans. Dry vans are used to move temperature-sensitive items: textiles and clothing, electronics, plastics, building products, etc. Typically, the length of the dry cargo van is 10 m, but in some cases it can be 12 m.

Refrigerated trailers.
Refrigerated trailers (also known as refrigerated trailers) are temperature-controlled trucks. Trailers of this type have a refrigeration unit that can be adjusted to the exact temperature. Commonly delivered goods: Food, drinks, flowers, or visual arts, floral / baby, groceries, meat, dairy, chocolate / candy, lubricants, computer servers.

Flatbed trailers.
A trailer with an onboard platform is a type of equipment with an open deck without boards and without a roof, mainly used for the transport of industrial goods. The flatbed trailer is very versatile, making it a common asset for carriers. This is a trailer of the basic form, with no side or roof, providing quick and easy loading and unloading. Commonly delivered goods: Large equipment, building materials, and large equipment.

Konestoga Trailer.
Conestoga trailers are also known as pitched or covered wagons. Commonly delivered goods: Specialized and oversized cargo, metal products, machinery.

Removable Gooseneck (RGN) Trailer.
This type of trailer got its name due to its shape. The front of the trailer is removable and allows ramps to lower so that the equipment can be moved forward. RGN trailers are mainly used for carrying heavy loads.

Tank trailer.
Tank trailers are used to transport liquids or dry, but bulk materials (e.g. grain). The trailer is designed as a large cylinder, so it can only carry one type of liquid. Commonly delivered goods: Oil, gas, other liquids.

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