Rail transportation

Rail transportation

Rail freight remains strong demand, regardless of the global economic situation. Stable and dynamic characteristics of the segment are high load capacity, speed and maximum cargo safety.

UNIVERSAL LOGISTICS helps its customers enjoy all the benefits of rail freight in the Customs Union, Central Asia and the Baltic countries. Our employees analyze customer needs and cargo characteristics, optimize delivery routes and evaluate costs. UNIVERSAL LOGISTICS organizes the railway freight transportation of any goods in accordance with the established conditions, regardless of the geography of delivery. Thanks to close cooperation with reliable partners, we offer a flexible pricing policy and maintain a high level of service quality.

By rail, you can transport almost all types of cargo, including:

Piece cargo. Cargo can be loaded manually or mechanically using closed containers and wagons used for transportation. For oversized or heavy cargo, loading is carried out by crane, with open wagons, conveyors and platforms used for transportation.

Bulk cargo. Loading is carried out without securing the cargo and laying the wagon on special wagons.

Transportation of dangerous goods by rail is carried out in accordance with special rules (labeling, packaging and safety signs) and using special containers depending on the hazard class of the cargo.

UNIVERSAL LOGISTICS provides safe and fast delivery depending on the specific characteristics of the cargo.


Transportation of cars, vehicles and machinery, railway transportation of oversized cargo in specialized wagons.

Transportation of perishable goods by rail.
Maintaining a certain temperature is supported by special refrigerated vans, as well as insulated thermo-wagons.

Transportation of liquid bulk cargo with a volume of more than 120 m³.
The use of high-speed trains and the transportation of goods over long distances at higher, "passenger" speeds.

For rail transport from, for example, China to Kazakhstan, special trains and containers of various types are used. Our experts will select transport based on the needs of the client and the characteristics of the transported products. We use both transport using one type of vehicle (monomodal), and automobile, air, rail and water transport (multimodal).

Rail transport is subject to complex legal regulation from a variety of regulatory sources. When performing rail transportation in different countries, the rules and technical features of the railway network in a particular region are taken into account. The following rules have legal force: Convention on International Carriage by Rail (COTIF), Agreement on International Carriage of Goods by Rail (SMGS), and bilateral international agreements on direct railway transport. The legal department of UNIVERSAL LOGISTICS not only ensures compliance with all the rules, but also bears full responsibility for the preparation of all necessary cargo and customs documentation.

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