Heavy trucking: how to transport oversized cargo?

Heavy trucking: how to transport oversized cargo?

Transportation of heavy or oversized cargo is a complex process that requires a comprehensive plan and preparation. Since this is a specialized industry, the shipment of oversized cargo implies cooperation with a transport company in order to transport large materials throughout the country and abroad. It is extremely important to understand all the intricacies in the transportation of heavy goods, such as rules, cargo dimensions, permits, etc. Learn more about how to optimize your work.

Transportation of bulky or oversized cargo means transportation that goes beyond the law with regard to weight, size or dimensions and requires the processing of special equipment. Typically, heavy transport is industrial goods such as steel and mining products, bulky cars, airplanes, and various small steel parts. There are special rules for most oversized cargo, so you will need a special permit for its transportation.

Tips for transporting oversized cargo and heavy cargo:

Oversized cargo measurement and preparation.
Since the main concern for oversized cargo is their size, it is important to correctly measure the size and weight. Depending on these measurements, the transport company will need to obtain special permission for a certain type and size of cargo, so it is extremely important to provide accurate numbers. Otherwise, you may encounter charges and interruptions in delivery, since the rules for heavy transport are much more stringent than for regular goods. In addition to dimensions, it is important to know what equipment and tools you need to turn on and transport safely. Be sure to state all additional requirements before starting the transportation process.

Permits and standards for oversized cargo.
Key features of heavy cargo transportation include obtaining special permits. The hardest part is that in each country there may be different rules. Therefore, different permissions are required. In addition to size guidelines, there are also restrictions on when and how drivers can transport oversized cargo. For example, in many cities, you can only carry heavy loads during the day for security reasons. Other rules may prohibit traffic on certain roads or even at certain hours of the day. Missing or incorrect permission can cost you a lot of time and money, given that the cargo is likely to not reach its destination.

Transport company.
An important step in organizing the transportation of heavy goods is a partnership with an experienced transport company. It is important for your logistics partner to know the specific rules of different countries and be able to properly plan such a complex operation. When it comes to oversized loads, safety is the main task, and this can only be ensured by a well-honed strategy and proper execution.

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