A prolonged burst of coronavirus had a major impact on transport.

A prolonged burst of coronavirus had a major impact on transport.

The latest news about coronavirus has had a major impact on transportation and life in general. At present, the coronavirus has not spared anyone, one of the first in the line of trade. Since China is an integral part of the global supply chain, and a reduction in their production capacities can lead to production disruption in many countries, including Kazakhstan. What can be done by carriers and customers during this period, read the article.

Covid-19, as the coronavirus is called, is already having a significant impact on global supply chains and trade, and everyone, from the largest international exporter to the smallest courier, must prepare for ongoing economic and social difficulties. As a result of quarantine, all shipments with China have suspended their work. The pause in operations led to the accumulation of empty containers in China. For shipping lines, these events reduce utilization and cause higher costs.

We are also seeing a decrease in cargo transportation, as some large passenger and cargo airlines in the region have already reduced their capacity by 50% or more from January 30 to the end of March 2020. This will be followed by additional consequences: cancellation of orders, closure of borders, production delays and voluntary travel bans from companies.

What can be done during the coronavirus period for carriers and customers?

1. We recommend that you prepare for further delays and take into account traffic congestion. It is recommended to check with your supplier all transport details, it is unlikely that the goods will be delivered on time.

2. If you have ongoing orders, we strongly recommend that you contact buyers and inform them of the situation. You may need to prepare them for delays and make adjustments to your advertising, marketing, and sales strategies.

In any case, it remains only to wait and follow the news at customs.

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