Air and sea transportation

Air and sea transportation

Before sending the cargo, each cargo owner faces the question of how best to transport it to its destination. The final decision can be influenced by several factors, such as type and size of cargo, delivery time or destination. In some cases, the only right choice is air travel. Air transportation is the best delivery method if you want to deliver your goods as quickly and safely as possible. Most often this applies to very expensive goods, objects of art, dangerous goods (but the restrictions that are given in the special instructions should be taken into account), etc.

Sea transportation is one of the key links in the process of multimodal transportation of goods. In most cases, it is the international sea transportation that is the first stage of any container transportation. It goes without saying that these are cases where the point of departure and destination are shared by the expanses of the seas and oceans. The choice of a sea carrier must be taken very carefully. A mistake can lead to high costs, and most importantly, spent nerves.

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